Myth busting brontosaurus style with Ben Garrod’s Dinosaur show – and win tickets too!

Dino loving kids are about to discover even more about the prehistoric world than they ever could have imagined – thanks to a brand new live show featuring dino-expert Ben Garrod.

The “So You Think You Know About Dinosaurs?” show is heading out on the road across the UK to show kids how dinosaurs really lived and that many of them probably had feathers and not scaly skin, and made bird like noises and not roars!

Ben Garrod

From bizarre facts about Brontosaurus’ to peculiar points about Pamporaptors, this is a brilliant family show which promises to leave children on the edge of their seats and take adults back to their youth.

TV science expert Ben, who is best know for presenting the BBC One show Attenborough and the Giant Dinosaur with the legendary presenter David Attenborough, will be sharing more secrets about the giant beasts with a real hands on, fun-filled experience.

Star of the show Ben says, “We have all at some point had a fascination with dinosaurs or thought they’re pretty cool. I want to give families the chance to take everything they thought they knew about these ancient animals and discover the truth.”

Courtesy of The Forum, Norwich 2

There’ll be a chance to learn about the longest to the shortest, cutest to the creepiest dinos…and young audience members will get the opportunity to put Ben’s dinosaur knowledge under the spotlight by quizzing him on all he knows. Tickets for the tour are on sale now and can be purchased on local theatre websites.

So you think you know about Dinosaurs

The “So You Think You Know About Dinosaurs?” show is touring across the UK in February and March and we’re delighted to have a family ticket up for grabs in our latest competition. Simply enter the competition below and please do remember that we do check winning methods of entry.

The competition closes on the 30th of January 2017. Good luck!
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    I most love being wrapped up on the sofa all cosy with my two boys,eating munchies and watching a good film 🙂

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    Fantastic opportunity, my sons would love it.

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    good excuse for a duvet day and boxset!

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    I love the crispness in the air and on the ground when you have a good winter frost.

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    Snow, Warm Cider, Open Fires

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    Hot chocolate, roaring fire & cuddle Storytime with the bambinos

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    Snuggly afternoons watching films with my boys!

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    The possibility that we might just wake up to snow. Nothing yet but I’m waiting ❄❄☃⛄

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    I love most about winter is the cosy nights in snuggled together on the sofa with the fire glowing sipping on delicious hot chocolates with marshmallows and cream mmmmm

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