Ten top tips to getting the best deal on your summer holiday

Finding the best holiday for your family can be a real challenge especially when budgets are tight. While you’re trying to pull together a holiday which everyone will love, you’re also having to keep a close eye on prices going up and down online and holding out for a great deal. This is a collaborative post where we round up our top tips to get yourself the best offer for your summer holiday.

1. You can pick up great deals on flights by booking as far in advance as possible. Once you have a destination in mind for your summer trip check out some of popular flight booking sites such as Skyscanner where you can find deals on flights which you might not find elsewhere.

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2. Pick your best time to book your holiday. You can pick up great deals in the winter months from December to February, when some tour operators roll out special offers. Shop around and be prepared to grab a deal if it presents itself.

3. Once you’ve booked your flights if you’re booking your accommodation separately it can help you keep your costs down if you leave your accommodation to the last minute. By keeping an eye on hotel and villa companies, as you get closer to your departure date you’ll often find that prices will drop significantly. But make sure you don’t leave it too late!

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4. Try to be flexible about the day that you fly. Tuesday is often seen to be the cheapest day and flying at the weekend is more expensive, so when you’re booking flights take time to check prices for different dates in case you can make significant savings.

5. Be open minded about your destination and shop around. With your budget in mind, you can now search many key travel websites for destinations which fit your finances, rather than telling then where you want to fly to. Remember to clear your computer cache and delete cookies to ensure you’re getting the best deals possible – as some sites track your visits and not offer you the best deals.

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6. Picking up a last minute deal can be one of the best ways to get a holiday for a great price. Check out companies online for appealing last minute prices in a range of resorts.

7. Be open minded about your holiday and how you get there. Sometimes taking a bit more effort – for example booking your own flights, making your own transfers and hotel can be the best and cheapest option, but you can also find great deals when booking a package so it’s good to do some comparisons.

8. Keep an eye out for when residents of other countries are on holiday. For example you’ll find great deals on holidays in Paris in August when many resident families have headed for the beach, when hotels and apartments will be available and prices will drop because of increased competition.


9. If you can be flexible about your flight departure location check out the cost of flying from other parts of the UK, which will have different school holidays. This can affect the cost of flights for hundreds of pounds for families.

10. Check out sites like Secret Flying for ‘error’ fares which can be significantly cheaper and get you and your family around the world to a far flung destination for a fraction of the usual price. These fares often mean you have to be open minded about your destination and you may need to make another flight to connect, but they’re often unbeatable prices. Remember never to book additional travel plans like accommodation until you get confirmation from the airline.

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