10 reasons the whole family will love Beitostølen, Norway in winter

Beitostolen, Norway - skiing with Crystalski - copyright: www.globalmousetravels.com

We recently went skiing in Beitostølen with Crystal Ski and fell in love with this beautiful little town that has so much to appeal to families. We are definitely hoping to return and here are our top ten reasons all the family will love this Norwegian gem.

1. Beitostølen is a very small resort which feels so friendly and welcoming. It is small and safe enough to allow kids to go up the button lifts themselves and wait at the bottom for them to come back. It’s a great place for them to start to feel confident about skiing independently.

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2. Along with the fantastic ski runs there are plenty of other activities to keep everyone entertained, our favourite was the idea of taking a husky dog ride down to the frozen lake. While we didn’t get chance to try this out for ourselves on this trip it’s top of the list for when we return. We have been husky dog sledding before and it’s the most exhilarating ride and something all the family can enjoy.

3. All of the ski slopes of Beitostølen come back to the centre of the town so there’s no chance of getting lost. It also makes it easier for groups of differing abilities to meet up again after skiing separately.

Beitostolen, Norway - skiing with Crystalski - copyright: www.globalmousetravels.com

4. Beitostølen has to be one of the best places around to try out cross-country skiing – the land feels like it was made for it with so many trails through the beautiful Norwegian landscape and plenty of families taking to the hills together.

5. Because Beitostølen is so small the children are able to make firm friends in their ski classes. When we visited there were families that had fallen in love with Beitostølen and were planning on coming every year and I totally get why. Our children have begged us to visit again next year.

6. The snow in Beitostølen is much more guaranteed than many of the resorts in the Alps with thick, deep snow. We have heard a number of reports of less snow being felt across Europe but this certainly wasn’t the case in Norway.

Beitostolen, Norway - skiing with Crystalski - copyright: www.globalmousetravels.com

7. Thrill seekers will love some of the other winter activities on offer like snowmobiling, snowkiting, air boarding and even snow rafting – speeding down specially constructed routes on an inflatable boat (it can reach up to 60 mph!)

8. The Norwegians are genuinely friendly and encouraging. If you’re a beginner Beitostølen is the perfect place to learn how to ski with expert hands who can make you feel confident and at ease on the snow. We felt Norway really lacked some of the abruptness towards beginners we have felt at some of the other ski resorts with instructors who genuinely want you to love skiing too.

9. Beitostølen is unbelievably beautiful. At every turn there are sights that take your breath away. Even if you don’t ski it’s the most inspiring environment. I wanted to move there after visiting – check out our 10 instagram photos that will make you want to visit Beitostølen right now.

Beitostolen, Norway - skiing with Crystalski - copyright: www.globalmousetravels.com

10. Not only that but because of how far north the resort is the season runs until May so there are plenty of opportunities to get out onto the slopes well after other resorts have packed up and gone home.

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Beitostolen, Norway - skiing with Crystalski - copyright: www.globalmousetravels.com

Find out more about travelling to Beitostølen with Crystal Ski here – http://www.crystalski.co.uk/ski-resorts/norway-ski-holidays/beitostolen/

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