My first pet – Scampy the cat

My first pet - Scampy the cat - copyright:

My daughter is desperate for a pet. She stares longingly at the rats in our local pet shop, has stuffed cats and dogs toys that she carries around with her and constantly talks about the day she can have one. I can’t wait for her to have one too and although we travel so much I know there are options for people to help so I’m sure the time will come when she has the chance to have her first pet. When Petplan asked me if I remembered my first pet all the memories of Scampy the cat came flooding back.

I adored animals as a child. The top picture is me in Spain when I looked after a cat and her kittens who were living next to our villa. I always wanted to ride horses or walk the neighbour’s dogs (Mr Woo and Mr Woo Too). However getting my own pet wasn’t quite so easy as my dad thought it wasn’t a good idea. I begged and pleaded but nothing would change his mind. That was until I put my master plan in to action.

I wrote a note one night and slipped it under his bed sheets for him to find when he went to bed. It said, simply, “Dad, why won’t you let me have a pet like other parents let their children? I would really like one and it makes me really sad that I’m not allowed”. The next morning he came in to say, “What would you like, I’m thinking we start with a cat and see how that goes and then maybe we could talk about getting a dog”. I couldn’t believe it. My plan had worked, I wasn’t expecting it to be quite that successful.

A few months later Scampy, a farm cat from Somerset arrived. I loved him and actually so did my dad. He slept on the beds despite the rule before he arrived being that he had to stay downstairs, he hogged the sofa, woke us all up when he was hungry and generally ruled the roost.

My first pet - Scampy the cat - copyright:

I adored Scampy, he became such a part of the family so fast. He was always there to stroke when I came home from school and was the biggest, kindest little friend to have around.

My first pet - Scampy the cat - copyright:

I never did get that dog, Scampy lived a long and happy life and there was no longer a gap to fill…well, until Scrappy came along, a stray cat who adopted us and my parents said had to go to the cat home until I locked myself in my bedroom with him and said I would never come out until they said he could stay. I might not show this post to my daughter whose technique at the moment is simply pleading, I don’t think I’ll let her in on any of my master manipulating tricks just yet.

I loved growing up with cats around though, animals help to make families feel complete and they’re just lovely, fluffy characters to have about.

Thank you to Petplan Pet Insurance who got me remembering all my happy days with Scampy the cat and who help keep pets healthy and happy and have done since 1976.

This post is in conjunction with Petplan but all thoughts are my own

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  • I grew up around cats as well, a stray had adopted my parents before I was born and she lived until my mid teens by which time she was over 20. She would come and sit on my bed as my Mum read me a bedtime story, it is definitely nice to have pets around when you are young.

  • I grew up without any pets (unless u count a gold fish) I would have loved a cat or a dog though. These days we have no pets atm but when my son is a little older we want to get him a budgie.

  • As you know,I have a pet cheetah so I can totally relate to your daughter wanting a cat. How old is your daughter and does she have a certain chore she has to do around the house on a weekly basis? I think if she can do the chore say for six weeks without being told too,she may deserve the chance at getting a kitty….


  • I grew up with a dog myself and I really loved every moment, I still remember the first night my parents brought her home and I snuck down stair with my blanket and slept with her to keep her warm as I thought she might get cold! My husband and I have a 15 year old dalmatian that my daughter (11 month old) loves to climb over but I would get more pets when she’s older as they are great for development and building relationships.

  • I remember my first pet…. it was a dog that I have chosen myself from the litter of the stray dog from my grandma’s street. He grew up to be the most loving and adorable dog, until a mean person poisoned him 🙁

  • Such a lovely story, and Scampy looks awesome. My first pet was a dog that looked like Lassie. He was called Sandy. And I can actually say he saved my life! He was amazing. I always said I’d have a dog when I grew up. Instead we have four cats! Something went a bit wrong there.

  • I love all the tricks you pulled to get your dad to agree to having a pet. My first pet was, aside from the obligatory fish, was a budgie named Harry

  • Aww!! That is such a cute cat and your daughter is so loving with pets. She is good pet owner someday.

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