Globalmouse gift guide Christmas 2017 for travel loving families

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It’s one of our favourite times of year again when we search high and low for the best products out there for travel loving families. There’s something for the kids, for him & her and for everyone who just loves travel and fun. Here is our gift guide Christmas 2017 –

Globalmouse gift guide Christmas 2017. For Her and Him –

GLOBALMOUSE gift guide 2017

1. Lumie Bodyclock Luxe 700

In the winter getting a positive start to the day is much harder due to the darker mornings. The Lumie Bodyclock Luxe 700 is proven to help with Seasonal Affective Disorder and wakes you up with a realistic sunrise light which can be accompanied with wake up sounds. It works at night too to help you drift off more naturally with a fading sunset and a low-blue light to help you be ready for sleep. It even works as a radio and music player and a phone charger. It has absolutely changed how I feel about the winter months and I couldn’t be without it now (it also is great for jet lag).

Order from Lumie via Amazon here.

2. Mathmos Lava Lamp in partnership with Pretty Green

Etched with the signature paisley print logo of the menswear brand Pretty Green from the musician Liam Gallagher, this is a new take on the classic lava lamp from Mathmos. These limited edition lamps came out of the London Design Festival in 2017 and come with a hand drawn box which is inspired from the psychedelic art of the sixties. This is the perfect gift for any fan of Gallagher’s work, his brand and the chilled vibes which you inevitably get with a Mathmos lava lamp.

Find out more at the Mathmos website.

3. Mpowerd Luci Multi-Colour Inflatable Solar Powered Lantern

It’s always important to be smart about your packing when you’re glamping – every little bit of space matters. The Luci inflatable lantern from Mpowerd is an ideal solution and an essential for your camping kit bag.

Not only are they lightweight, hard wearing and waterproof they also light up any area incredibly and don’t need any batteries either, as they have a neat built in solar panel to take care of the charging. They’re also very affordable at less than £15.

Order from Mpowerd via Amazon here.

4. Cocoon Travel Blanket

I feel the cold and so I love the look of the Cocoon Travel blanket which is a really luxurious, warm travel blanket made from a wonderful merino / silk blend. It’s perfect for regulating temperatures and would be a wonderful travelling companion to use on flights and trips away.

Order from Cocoon via Amazon here.

5. Cacti prints

Cactus fans will adore these prints which would look as good in a bedroom as they would in a study, bathroom or lounge. It is sure to brighten up any home and keep you dreaming of exotic locations. Best of all it comes as a double pack and all at an amazing price.

From £12 from Meri Meri here.

6. The Takeover Game

This is a brilliant board game for the family to play from ages 12 and upwards. The Takeover Game sees players pitch themselves against each other to get rich, eliminate the opposition and become master of the financial universe. Purchase Investment cards, sell to the stock exchange and make a profit…but don’t hold on to those assets for too long. This is such a fun game and perfect for Christmas Day playing.

Order for £29.99 from Amazon here.

7. Lakrids Liquorice – The Christmas Collection

We adore Lakrids liquorice, it’s become part of our Christmas tradition now to have it and if you have a liquorice fan in your family you need Lakrids in your life. They have different sets all through the year and this year’s Christmas Collection is amazing.With slightly sharp raspberry with white chocolate, a white snowball with a core of ginger liquorice, a black snowball made with black pepper and an absolutely divine bronze classic with salty caramel, they are the perfect indulgent tret.

Order from Lakrids here

8. STABILO pointMAX premium fineliner – wallet of 24 colours

This is the perfect collection for getting organised for the New Year. If you’re like me and love to colour code and keep notes in different colours these will help you get sorted for 2018. With 24 different colours which dry quickly with no colour run, you’ll find these are the perfect partner for you next year.

Buy from Stabilo at £21 from Amazon here.

9. LoveBrand classic swim shorts – The Two Crabs

I absolutely love these classic Men’s Swim Shorts which have got a fun crab design inspired by the Aesop’s Fable of the two crabs. Love Brand & Co mix style with performance, the shorts have a fast drying fabric, side pockets and a complimentary water resistance travel bag. With child sizes too they’re a great family option with eyes on the summer holidays, and the company donates 5% of your purchase price to animal conservation.

£130 from

10.  The Little Book of Cacti and Other Succulents

This brilliant little book by Emma Sibley is right up my street and fits my love for Cacti perfectly. The book is filled with tips and information about all the varieties of cacti and succulents including how to care for them and ensure they thrive in even the smallest of indoor spaces. For green fingered and non-gardeners alike this is a super book which can help you get your collection of cacti started.

£8.99 from Amazon here.

11. Vacuum jug 1L Nordic kitchen –Luxury Danish design by Eva Solo

One of the things we loved on our winter trip to Denmark was the big jugs of coffee, brought to the table to be lingered over with friends – one of our top ways to keep the winter blues away. I love this vacuum jug from the Nordic Kitchen series which keeps coffe, or tea, staying hot all morning. It’s got a secure grip and is drip free and much easy to clean than a caffetiere. This is beautiful item to keep.

From £100 from Eva Solo from Amazon here.


Globalmouse gift guide Christmas 2017. For the older kids 10+ –


1. Discovery Galaxy Tracker

This telescope is wonderful to children to start to find the stars. Use the Star walk 2 smartphone app – winner of an apple design award which will make the sky come alive with information. For ages 8 years and over.

From £59.99 from Amazon here.

2. Word Rush

We love board games at Christmas and for our weekends away Wordrush is perfect for older children of 8 and above. Pick a card and make a word about that category from the letters on the board as you race against the sand timer. Great fun and perfect for the grown ups to join in too.

Available at £19.99 from all good toy retailers. For details visit or click to buy from Amazon here.

3. Popsicle necklace

This bright ice lolly necklace is perfect to add a splash of colour no matter what the season and great for kids starting to get in to fun jewellery.

Available from £8.25 from Meri Meri

4. Swimming shorts for boys (same as dad) – The two Crabs

To match in with our men’s classic swim shorts these child version work on their own or as a bit of matching clothing for dad and son. We love them, a fun crab design and 5% of the price goes towards animal conservation. These are stylish and fun and a perfect gift.

£70 from

5. BrainBox Horrible Histories Vile Villains

We are big fans of the Brainbox series which make learning really fun and this Horrible Histories Vile Villains set takes this to another level. With questions such as, “Who ate the hearts of their sons for dinner?” and “Who claimed to be the ‘Sun God’?” Over 10s will love finding how vile these villains really were.The perfect travel companion.

BrainBox games are available at RRP £11.99 from all good toy stores or from Amazon here.

6. STABILO beFab! fountain pen

STABILO are great at making pens that work for every age group and we love the STABILO beFab! fountain pen that comes with 3 ink cartridges and in a number of cool designs and is perfect for kids looking to take their writing to the next level.

Buy from Stabilo at £9.99 from Amazon here.

7. Cherry tote bag

This cherry tote bag is so adorable and would really work for all ages but I think the 10 year olds up would most appreciate this fun, cheerful design with its felt leaves and pom-pom cherry motif. The perfect day bag when you’re out exploring.

Buy from £36 from Meri Meri here.

8. Discovery Planetarium

Space fans will love to light up their rooms with the star constellations at night. They project on to the walls and ceiling so children can discover all about the night sky.

From £29.99rrp from Amazon here.

Globalmouse gift guide Christmas 2017. For the younger kids – 5 – 10


1. Hatchimal Surprise

Hatchimals are absolutely brilliant at moving their toys with the times and the Hatchimal Surprise is their latest offering which is sure to be top of the list for the 5 – 10 year old age group. These large eggs hatch to reveal two Hatchimal furry creatures for you to interact with help to walk, talk, dance and play games. The perfect pet, especially or families who love to travel and can’t get a real fluffy at home.

Buy from Hatchimal at RRP £74.99 from Amazon here.

2. Cheeky Monkeys game

This multi award winning game is perfect for 4 – 8 year olds. It’s a fun strategy game where you have to collect the most bananas and make sure no one else steals them. Players choose to spin on and risk losing all their bananas or play it safe and keep their fruit hanging on the 3D tree. This is a really fun game that also teaches basic counting skills and gets kids thinking strategically.

From £9.50 from and all good retailers.

3. Simbrix

These Simbrix kits are great for over 6s with the multi coloured bricks that can be used to create lots of different designs from animals to favourite characters. There’s no ironing or glueing needed making them the perfect toy to take away too. They come in their own carry case and design inspiration cards.

From £18 at Amazon here or for details visit

4. Flyte

This Olivia the Owl Flyte case Scooter is sure to be a big hit and also a great help. Perfect for 4 – 8 year olds the easy folding footplate allows kids to scoot around and carry their luggage at the same time. It folds up into the perfect size for hand luggage and would also work for the school run or day trip out.

Available at RRP £69.99 from and other good retailers including Argos.

5. Coral Reef

A perfect board games for children aged 4 and up Coral Reef takes speed and recognition as you look for the marine animals shown on the cards and point them out at the same time. Little ones will love the animal figurine you get if you win. The board also becomes a double sided puzzle for extra fun.

Available at £19.99 from all good toy retailers. For details visit

6. BrainBox Mega 4 Pack KS2 & Roald Dahl

This set is perfect for those age 7+ and will get your children learning without even realising it. As well as the KS2 section there is also a fun Roald Dahl set. Children get to study cards for 10 seconds and then answer questions based on the roll of the dice. We are big fans of BrainBox and love this bumper pack which is ideal for taking on your travels as well as rainy day fun at home.

From Brainbox for £11.99 & £19.99 from all good toy stores or from Amazon here.

7. Num Noms Nail Polish Maker

Num Noms have been a huge hit in our house and we think this Num Nom nail polish maker looks great. You get to create your own scented nail polish in strawberry, blueberry or banana or even a glitter version and plenty of decals to apply too. You also get a limited edition Num as part of the set.

From £29.99 from Amazon here.

8. Monkey Fingerlings

Children will love these Fingerlings Baby Monkeys which hang on your finger and know when they’re touched or even spoken to. They love hanging upside down. They have over 40 ways to play and ineract and let you know how they’re feeling with sounds.

Buy from £14.99 from Amazon here.

9. Pass the Pigs

This is an absolute family classic for us and beloved by everyone at Christmas. It’s a really simple game for everyone to play so younger children can enjoy it just as much as their siblings and adults too. It’s also the perfect game for long journeys or playing whilst on a trip. It’s small enough to pop into a day bag and bring along on any holiday.

Buy from £7.25 at Amazon here.

Globalmouse gift guide Christmas 2017. For preschoolers –

Globalmouse Christmas gift guide 2017 - copyright -

1. Cuddly Snake
We adore this huge knitted snake cushion and while we think preschoolers would love it, it could work for every age group including grown ups. This friendly fella would be perfect to keep little ones company at night.
From £40 from Meri Meri here.
2. WOW Toys
We are massive fans of WOW Toys which are a UK company that make toys that don’t break and don’t need batteries. Our youngest son still regularly gets his WOW Toys out, they are one of those that have such longevity and they are great to take on travels too. We love the new Sam the Steam Train which is inspired by steam trains of the 1930s. It has a removable train driver, detachable coach and passengers. The train has a realistic train whistle and his powerful friction motor can set him off on his yellow wheels on adventures. As with all WOW toys Sam the Steam train is incredibly well made, colourful and sure to be a big hit. For 1.5 year olds – 5 year olds.
From £32.99 from Amazon here.
3. Playmags
These Playmags are perfect for letting children’s imaginations run free. These colourful 3D magnetic blocks are brilliant at allowing kids to get constructing to their hearts content. As they are easily connected it’s possible to create houses, cars, animals as well as geometric shapes and help inspire creativity.
Available from RRP £19.99 at Amazon here or for details visit
4. STABILO Cappi fibre-tip pens
We love these STABILO fibre tip pens which all attach to a plastic cable meaning they are less likely to get lost. They also aren’t cylindrical meaning they won’t easily roll off tables. All of this making them perfect for pre schoolers.
Available from £6.74 from STABILO here.

Globalmouse gift guide Christmas 2017. Inspiring reads – Recipe books for adults

Globalmouse Christmas gift guide 2017 - copyright -

1. Vegan the Cookbook

For some clean living once January hits, this Vegan cookbook will be a great addition for anyone who likes cooking up a storm. We are finding ourselves cooking up more and more vegan food and this is a great guide with over 500 recipes so more than enough to get someone started in plant-based recipes.

From £29.95 from Amazon here.

2. James Martin’s French Adventure

For anyone who fancies some travels around France, even if it’s just the armchair variety, James Martin’s French Adventure book is an inspiration. With over 80 recipes showcasing the best of the French regions this is a perfect addition for a cookery fan.

From £8.99 from Amazon here.

3. Pimp my Noodles

If there’s one thing that makes for a quick but satisfying meal in the Globalmouse house it’s noodles. Pimp my Noodles is a wonderful journey through 50 recipes guaranteed to bring a smile to any mealtime. Perfect for all the family to enjoy.

From £8.74 from Amazon here.

4. 15 minute vegan by Katy Beskow

For total time savers this 15 minute vegan will make even the busiest chef happy with some fantastic recipes that can be whipped up in no time. With 100 time saving recipes there can never be an excuse not to create something wonderful and fresh for mealtimes.

From £8.69 from Amazon here.

Globalmouse gift guide Christmas 2017. Inspiring reads – children


Globalmouse Christmas gift guide 2017 - copyright -

1. The Story Orchestra: The Nutcracker

It wouldn’t be Christmas without The Nutcracker and I am in love with this book from Phaidon, The Story Orchestra: The Nutcracker which sets the story alive with sound clips from Tchaikovsky’s iconic original music. the book follows Clara on a magical adventure and yu get to see the nutcracker battle the mouse king and journey to the Land of Sweets and meet te Sugar Plum Fairy amongst many others. This is a Christmas book to treasure and to reach for every time the festive season comes around again.

from £14.99 from Amazon here.

2. Atlas of Dinosaur Adventures

From the wonderful publishing house of Wide Eyed comes this beautiful book which will take young readers on a prehistoric journey of discovery. Dinosaur fans can travel back in time to stalk prey with a T-Rex, learn to fly with a baby Pteranodon and learn so many amazing facts. This is a book they won’t want to put down.

From £15.50 from Amazon here.

3. Tacos!: An Interactive Recipe Book

We absolutely love these interactive recipe books by Phaidon. In the past we have tried out their Pancake and also their pizza versions and Tacos is up there with being just as fun. With a really great read for younger kids you can also use the book to create your own tacos for dinner afterwards.

From £9.95 from Amazon here.

4. Book of Bones: 10 Record-Breaking Animals

This book of bones will keep any reader hooked with ten animals that are introduced in a fun guessing game. Look at the clues, examine the skeletons and work out which animal they belong to. This is a humorous and colourful book that is sure to be a hit.

From £16.95 from Amazon here.

5. Twinkle, Twinkle, ABC: A Mixed-up, Mashed-up Melody

This is the sweetest of books and the perfect nighttime read. Twinkle, Twinkle, ABC is a total mash-up of the two songs which really works and is brought together with lots of animals and plants including a twirling cow, a swaying tree and a growling bar. It’s the perfect book to lead the reader off to sleep.

From £8.95 from Amazon here.

6. Something’s Fishy

This adorable book follows an ice fishing penguin who is having trouble catching fish. This is a fun, fast paced book with a variety of animal characters appearing with repetitive questioning. It’s funny and allows plenty of opportunity for adult expressive acting!

From £11.95 from Amazon here.


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