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I’m so happy that sunny days are here. It makes everything feel happy once the sun shines doesn’t it? I feel like we’re already on to those sunny trips, we’ve already had the sunniest, happiest day out in Torquay in Devon and there’s only a week until May half term when we are off to Denmark for some amazing adventures and best of all to catch up with one of my best friends, so I’m super excited. I feel like I’m starting to move into almost summer holiday mode – is that too soon? I don’t want to get too carried away, but really, I can’t wait. Our summer plans are still up in the air, although we have lots of ideas. With no further delay here are some of my favourite products for May, I hope you like them.

1. Beanie and Bear Swimwear

I am absolutely in love with the swimwear from Beanie and Bear, they have gorgeous collections which you can mix and match between for boys and girls. The designs are super cool with a 70s feel in the cut and a splash of 80s fun in the designs. I love their mission to create “saggy free” swimwear and that almost all of the collection is made using UPF 50+ quick dry fabrics. We can’t wait to get using it on some of our exciting adventures this summer.

Various prices from Beanie and Bear here.

2. My Holiday Drawing Book & Brain Teasers by Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet have some wonderful books for keeping kids entertained and engaged. I love this new My Holiday Drawing Book which is the perfect way to get kids creating memories about their adventures. Brain Teasers is another great way to keep kids entertained when they’re travelling or on their holidays. This book is jam packed with a whole variety of puzzles, codes and challenges which makes it perfect for car journeys or even rainy days in. My 11 year old loves brain teasers so this is right up his street.

My Holiday Drawing Book from £8.99 from Lonely Planet here and Brain Teasers from £7.99 from Lonely Planet here.

3. Staedtler Triplus Fineliner Pens & Staedtler Triplus Colours

I am a sucker for colourful pens and I love the collections from Staedtler. I can justify getting these for the kids but then sneak them to use myself and keep all my work looking colourful and cheery. The Triplus Fineliner Pens are perfect for writing and fine drawing and the Staedtler Triplus Colours are great for the kids to get creating.

From £6.35 for Triplus Fineliner Pens and the Triplus Colours from £3.50 are available from Amazon here.

4. Project Mc2 Camryn

I’m really interested by the Project Mc2 dolls range which are designed to inspire more girls to think about science and experiments. The range features four girl characters who are all friends at school and have a host of special skills which make them true individuals. The doll characters come with great try-at-home experiments which will keep little ones busy while they play.

You can find the range on Amazon here starting from £39.99.

5. Untamed Raptor by Fingerlings

Following the success of the frankly rather cute Fingerlings monkeys, comes something a whole lot more fierce for kids to enjoy. The Fingerlings Untamed baby Velociraptors also hang onto your finger in the same way the monkeys do, but now their interactions are much more unpredictable. They can be either untamed or tamed, and react differently to you and their surroundings depending on which you choose. There’s over 40 different sounds and actions which will really help them to become a toy which gets lots of play.

Available from £40 on Amazon here.

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