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A weekend of sports and fun awaited Globalmouse writer James and family as they visited Go Fest South 2017 at Surrey Sports Park in Guildford.

This was our third year at Go Fest and we were eager to return to see what had changed, try new sports and hopefully meet more sporting heroes.

Go Fest is a family festival of sport and activities with a chance for everyone to try out something new. Whether you’ve wanted to have a go at a dance class, a particular sport or an activity such as rock climbing it’s all here to try out. The unique part of Go Fest is that it’s for all the family and mums and dads are encouraged to be as involved in the activities as much as the children.

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Prior to attending the event we logged onto the Go Fest website and booked our preferred three events for each day of the festival, allowing us to select the sports and activities that our girls wanted to try. I would definitely recommend doing this as many of the more desirable events such as, rock climbing and kayaking get booked up very quickly and it meant that we knew we could try out sessions we really wanted to do.

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This year parking is free at the event and the location for the parking was very close – great for us to be able to easily walk in to the Festival. At the entrance we were provided with wristbands and a schedule for the day and before we knew we were off into the park.

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Go Fest is made up of a main stage surrounded by food stalls and activities dotted across the playing fields. Each section was clearly marked with a main running track and the Chelsea Football academy at the heart of the park. Our girls headed straight for the tennis coaching which they absolutely loved, followed quickly by badminton.

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The beauty of Go Fest is that each sport can be tried by all age groups. With the timetable you can easily see which activities are available during the day allowing both our four and seven year olds to be involved with children of their own age.

The Chelsea coaching was particularly good with the children registered at a separate tent where parents details and phone numbers are supplied. This allowed parents to have the opportunity to leave their children in the safe hands of the experienced coaches for an hour. At the end of the training all children were given Chelsea football tops which made the experience even more memorable.

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The food at the park looked good, although a little expensive and many families had brought their own picnics which appeared much more cost effective. The Surrey sports bar was also open and available for food, leaving nobody short of options.

The facilities at the sports park are nothing short of amazing. The pitches and equipment are of a national level and each sport was coached and overseen by staff who were clearly trained to a high standard.

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Unfortunately the event didn’t appear to have the same number of people attending this year and there were fewer ambassadors mingling with the patrons. However with fewer people it meant shorter waiting times and so we were able to try out rock climbing, swimming, kayaking, gymnastics, football and tennis and we thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience.

All in all this was extremely good weekend for the family trying new activities and sports together inspiring us all to keep active.

To find out more about Go Fest and Go Fest North which takes place in the Manchester Sport City on the 24th and 25th of June check our the official website.

James and family were guests of Go Fest South for the purposes of this review, but his views are his own.

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