Top 10 things to do in Hong Kong with kids

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Hong Kong is a vibrant bustling city and there is a huge amount to do with children. Whether you’re interested in cultural sights, simply fun, or mix it up with a combination of the two the city delivers on a huge scale. Here are our top 10 things to do in Hong Kong with Kids.

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1. Victoria Peak

Heading up to Victoria Peak is a great way to start any trip to Hong Kong as it gives a wonderful overview of the city. Take the steep tram up the hill and enjoy spectacular views from the top. There is also Madam Tussuad’s and a Trick Eye museum here for plenty more fun as well as some great restaurants to enjoy.

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2. Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Gardens

Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Gardens are a great way to escape some of the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong. Built in 1860 this is a fun excursion out with kids and best of all it’s free so great for return visits too.

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3. Disneyland Hong Kong

A little smaller than the Disneylands of the USA and France, Disneyland Hong Kong nevertheless represents a fun trip out, particularly for younger kids. It’s easy to get out to on the metro and it still allows for plenty of Mickey shaped fun.

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Heading to Hong Kong Disneyland

4. Ngong Ping

Ngong Ping is a brilliant day out with kids and mixes culture with plenty of fun. Take the cable car from Tung Chung for a (slightly) hair-raising ride and walk the 268 steps to the top of the Tian Tan Buddha. There are fun 5D cinemas here, a walking with Buddha experience and lots of restaurants and shops to keep everyone entertained. You can also take the bus down to Tai O, a traditional fishing village on stilts here which is another of our favourite things to do.

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5. Visit the Hong Kong beaches (things to do in Hong Kong with kids)

On the Southern side of Hong Kong island the high-rise and sky scrapers give way to delightful golden beaches and upmarket living. Repulse Bay is possibly the most famous proving popular with residents and tourists alike. Children will love the beautiful sand and clear waters, while there are plenty of places to set out for a leisurely evening stroll. There’s lots of retail therapy to be discovered here too, with designer shops alongside beautiful public gardens.

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6. Star ferry

Ploughing back and forth from Kowloon to Hong Kong Island every day, carrying over seventy thousand passengers the Star Ferry service is as much a tourist attraction as it is a key part of the city’s infrastructure.  With just twelve ferries in the fleet, taking a ride across the water is a great way to get a glimpse of the incredible buildings lining the edges of the harbour. As much of the city’s success grew from this waterway, it’s a powerful reminder of Hong Kong’s beginnings and you cannot fail to be swept up in adoration for the city while looking out across the water.

7. Temple Street Night Market

To give your kids a family friendly insight into Hong Kong nightlife and head for the hustle and bustle of Temple Street Night Market. This daily market is packed with traders selling everything from antiques, trinkets, to modern electronics, while food vendors lay out delicious traditional street food dishes. With Tin Hau temple located in the centre of this lively market, there’s lots to see and do, and with live street opera you can’t beat the atmosphere of Temple Street Night Market.

8. Hong Kong Science Museum

With hundreds of interactive exhibitions the Hong Kong Science Museum is a wonderful place to spend a good few hours with your kids. The museum encourages discovery and exploration, so be prepared to get hands on and spend lots of time learning about science in a variety of fun and engaging ways. My kids were mesmerised by the massive ‘Energy Machine’ which fills the entrance hall alongside a full size DC9. With a permanent exhibition as well as temporary exhibits and shows there is plenty to bring you back for a repeat visit.

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9. Man Mo Temple

Man Mo Temple is one of my favourite spots in Hong Kong, it is atmospheric and historic and a wonderful retreat from the busy streets. Built in 1847 in the Sheung Wan area of Hong Kong this is a really special place to visit with kids to experience a very different side to this wonderful city.

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10. things to do in Hong Kong with kids: Hong Kong Museum of History

Charting the rise of Hong Kong over thousands of years, the Hong Kong Museum of History is well worth a visit to help all of the family understand how this unique global city came to be created. With interactive exhibits and a central exhibition which is undergoing a major upgrade, the museum also is home to large displays of the area’s natural history, its people and the rise of Chinese medicine and an in depth exploration of local history with an astonishing 70000 items to explore.

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We hope these help you with your travels to Hong Kong. Why not check out our post of the best family hotels in hong kong.

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