10 secrets of Universal Orlando Resort you won’t believe

10 secrets of Universal Orlando Resort you won't believe - copyright: www.globalmousetravels.com

On our amazing trip to Universal Orlando Resort we were very lucky to be given the opportunity to take a VIP tour of Universal, something anyone can pay for. The tour gives you a guide who travels around the park with you, someone who knows Universal inside out and can direct you to the bits they think you will absolutely love and who can also let you in to a few behind the scenes secrets. After spending a total of three days on VIP tours now we have compiled our favourite 10 secrets of Universal Orlando Resort you won’t believe.

10 secrets of Universal Orlando Resort you won’t believe

Is Michael Jackson on E.T. Adventure?

Some believe Michael Jackson, someone who was very good friends with Steven Spielberg and is known to have loved the film E.T., is immortalised on the E.T. Adventure set. When you’re on the ride, before you head up over the city, just look to the left inside the police car at the passenger and see what you think. Having been on the ride a couple of times I’m convinced it’s him.

Spot Stan Lee on Spider-Man

If you take a trip on The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man keep an eye out for Stan Lee, co-creator of Spider-Man who appears as a cameo character on the ride four times. At one point he’s driving a truck, another time rushing along a street. It’s a nice nod to the man who brought us spidey.

How did the trees get so crooked in Seuss Landing?

Ever wondered how the Seuss Landing area of the park (one of my favourites) got its quirky look with crooked palm trees? They were hurricane damaged stock, bent over by the high winds and perfect for the wonky Dr Seuss world.

Listen to celebrities in the fountain

We absolutely love the talking fountain in Sindbad’s Bazaar at Islands of Adventure. This interactive Mystic Fountain actually talks to visitors who wander up to it – but watch out, it also likes to squirt its water on those who get too close or are too cheeky. Our guide told us this is one of the secrets of Universal Orlando Resort, that they regularly have celebrities becoming the voice, include Ellen Degeneres who loves to spend time here. So next time you’re near the fountain stop a while to see if you can hear someone special.

Spot the secret in the art work

Within Superhero Island there are plenty of amazing murals. When Adam Kubert, the comic book artist was told he couldn’t add his signature to them he came up with his own ingenious ways of getting his name in to every piece of art work. Walk along the main street here and see if you can pick out his signature.

Incredible Hulk was going to be chrome but too bright

The amazing Incredible Hulk Coaster whose roars echo across the park and green rails twist high above your head in Superhero Island was originally going to be themed around the Silver Surfer. It was only when the designers realised that the chrome rails would reflect the Florida sun too harshly that it was scrapped. You can still spot the Silver Surfer speeding away from the Incredible Hulk though.

Look out for Jimmy Fallon’s family on Race Through New York Starring Jimmy Fallon

One of our favourite rides is Race Through New York Starring Jimmy Fallon and when you are on it look at the audience standing on the side of the road and you will pick out Fallon’s wife and two children stood cheering.

The Race through New York at Universal Orlando ticket to the best holiday - our review of Universal Orlando Resort with Virgin Holidays - copyright: www.globalmousetravels.com

Spilt coffee

Actor Brendan Fraser pops up at the end of the Revenge of the Mummy experience as his character Rick O’Connell, in a pre recorded video. While he’s talking to the passengers on the ride he is then offered a cup of coffee by Imhotep. Fraser ad-libbed during the recording and while he’s being attacked by the Mummy is heard to shout out “Feels so good!” It took staff at the park a while to work out what he was saying. See if you can spot it, while your nerves are still jangling from the ride.

Make your own magic at the Ministry of Magic

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is somewhere we have spent hours in, we love it there. Many people don’t realise that if you step inside the red British phone box outside of Kings Cross Station you can make a little magic of your own. Dial ‘MAGIC’, or 62442 to hear a message from the Ministry of Magic themselves.
Your ultimate guide to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Universal Studios Orlando Florida - copyright: www.globalmousetravels.com

Revenge of the Mummy – secrets in the logo

Revenge of the Mummy took over the space of the now disbanded Kongfrontation but a couple of little nods to the former ride still exists. On the second scene there is a golden statue of King Kong but also within the logo of the Mummy, if you look carefully it actually contains the head of the gorilla. Another of the little secrets of Universal Orlando Resort waiting to be spotted.

Have you found any of our secrets of Universal Orlando Resort? Any others to tell us about?!

Find out more about Universal Orlando Resort Florida at the Universal website and check out all of our features on Universal by clicking on the tab at the top of the page or by clicking here – Universal Features.

We travelled to Universal Orlando Resort as guests of Virgin Holidays, Universal and Mumsnet and all opinions are our own.

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